For help finding book review and author biography.

U. S. History II This wiki will help you select your outside readings for Mr. Eickhoff and Mr. Coady's US History II classes.

Book Review Requirements

1. All books must be non-fiction.
2. All books must be from the correct time frame.
3. All books must be approved by the instructor using the correct form by the announced due date.
4. The written book review will be done on good quality paper, written on one side only or word-processed. All pages will be firmly secured a single staple in the upper left corner or placed in a report folder.
5. Reviews will have a cover page. This page is the approval form. Any additional cover page is at your option.
6. Every review will consist of no more than 50% summary of the book contents. The summary should be done in your own words and not repeat the book chapter for chapter. (see the rubric)
7. Book reviews will include information on what you think of the book and why-a personal evaluation area. This area must also contain what value reading this book will have to you in relation to our course work. These are the most important components of a book review. (see the rubric)
8. Book reviews will include important information on the author. This will be found in the reference area of the library; perhaps on the Internet. (see the rubric)
9. Book reviews will include a section on other people’s opinion of the book. You should also personally react to these reviews. Do you agree or disagree and why? (see the rubric)
10. If steps 8 or 9 or both cannot be fulfilled, list the places used in the body of the written report; use the checklist from Mrs. Valenza. ( a copy of the checklist is posted in the virtual library) You must have attempted to use print materials to secure credit for the “attempted effort.” 11. Some concluding comments to complete all this material in a nice neat package is the finishing touch.
12. The final page is the documentation, include everything you employed to write the review. Use the standard SHS English Department format and procedures.